Relays - Regional Educational Legacy for Arts & Youth SportRelays - Regional Educational Legacy for Arts & Youth Sport
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RELAYS (Regional Educational Legacy in Arts and Youth Sport) was led by Universities South West and delivered through 11 of the region's universities as well as external project partners. From 2008 to 2013, the project worked with nearly two-thirds of a million people across the South West of England. Through a creative blend of sport, culture and business, our inspirational team, along with an amazing army of talented and enthusiastic volunteers, engaged and inspired young people and communities from all abilities and backgrounds to get involved, try something new and achieve. 

For a summary of key project achievements over the last four years please download our showcase event brochure (it's a large document so may take a couple of minutes) and take a look at our project film.

To download our external evaluation of the project from 2008-2012 please click here, there is also an executive summary available. An evaluation of the additional transitional funding provided by Legacy Trust UK from September 2012 - September 2013 can also be downloaded       


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The photos and films taken during the project can be viewed on YouTube and Flickr: